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When having friends over becomes more fun than stress...

My friends like coming over and it's always a dilemma what to feed them. Coming from a Filipino family, we always like being hospitable and serving something to whoever comes over at home whether it's for them to hang out or it's for them to just stop by to say "hi." I always thought the best thing to serve is barbecue. As easy as it may sound, it takes a long time to marinate barbecue to achieve the flavors that you like.

Turo Turo Gourmet Barbecue on Stick

One day, I discovered Turo Turo Gourmet and it changed my life. When I have friends over, all I need to do is pull skewers out of my freezer and bring them to the grill. Grilling became a good bonding time with my friends and it enables us to talk stories and catch up while waiting for the food to cook.

Turo Turo gives me a good balance of having enough time to entertain and at the same time creating a bonding moment with my friends and family when they come over my place. It's amazing!

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